It’s a good programme

It’s a good programme for a child’s brain development. It helps in increasing concentration, accuracy and fast calculation of sums. After putting my child in this programme, I can see lots of changes and looking for more development in my child. I am really grateful to Abacus Genius for making my child intelligent as well as for improving his concentration. Now he can do sums as fast as calculator. Thanks Abacus Genius.
- Agrim Gangwar’s Mom,

Abacus Genius has given an opportunity

Abacus Genius has given an opportunity to my daughter to improve her Maths skills and to do calculations fast. It has been a great learning experience for my daughter. Thanx for all the efforts put in by her teacher who has been a great mentor for my daughter.
- Mrs. Samriti Sharda

Improved concentration power

They have improved concentration power than others and also the speed.
- Eashan’s Mom

Improving concentration and speed

Abacus Genius helps in improving concentration and speed
- Sohum Singla’s Mom

I have also started loving it

I was interested in Abacus Genius because I wanted my daughter to get into the basics of maths. I was very scared whenever I wanted to maths in my childhood, therefore I want Sourodipta to love it, not hate it. And I want to share a secret that I have also started loving it. I regularly practice it at home.
- Sourodipta's Mom

Pace of progress is enjoyable and comfortable

In times of cut throat competition, when the kids have a tough schedule to follow, the Abacus Genius class does not prove to be an extra burden on them. Rather the pace of progress is enjoyable and comfortable and at the same time they become more confident, have better concentration & definitely good in mathematics. The personalized attention of the teacher to every kid is worth appreciation.
- Divyam's Mom

Abacus Genius is an ideal environment

Abacus Genius is an ideal environment I was searching for the development of my son, Jashya. He is very confident now in solving mathematical problems. I found teachers of Abacus Genius very intelligent. They know the methodology of how to develop a child's skills and they are very disciplined. I think I have taken my best and right decision to choose Abacus Genius for my son.
- Jashya Setia's Father

Every child given individual attention

In Abacus Genius, my child is given individual attention. As per my child's needs she is treated. This helps in her improvement in weaker areas. Proper time is devoted on all the skills that are required for doing fast and accurate calculations.
- Dhriti Parashar's Father

Teachers helpful and supportive

Abacus Genius is a very good institute. Teachers are very helpful and supportive. My child now does all the calculations very fast and correct. I am very happy for choosing Abacus Genius for my child.
- Manveer Singh Mandy's Mom

I got my first medal in Olympiad

I like Abacus Genius because since when I joined it I got my first medal in Olympiad. My speed also increased and I get many stars in all the subjects. I also like Mental sums. Thank you Abacus Genius.
- Panshool Singla

Vanishes fear about Mathematics

Really, it is a genius instrument to develop mental strength and to vanish the fear about Mathematics and Mathematical calculations.
- Suparna Deb Burman's Father

Does calculations faster than before

After joining Abacus Genius, my daughter started doing calculations faster than before. I would therefore like my daughter to qualify further levels in Abacus Genius. Thank you.
- Ananya Panda's Mom

Keeps our brain fit and sharp

Like any other organ of human body, our brain also needs regular exercise to keep fit and sharp. Abacus Genius helps us to do so. It helps me in solving Arithmetical problems mentally, grow my confidence and dare to challenge others.
- Shivansh Bansal

My ward is groomed well

As my ward has already cleared her five Terms of Abacus only because of the great efforts of your team work especially of Mrs. Neeraj Prakash, her Abacus Mentor. My ward is groomed well and now she is able to solve her Mathematical problems sooner than before. My best wishes to Abacus Genius.
- Navya Sood's Mom

Good Teacher-Student understanding

Abacus Genius provides Individual attention to the students, with experienced teachers with good Teacher-Student understanding.
- Tanish Juneja's Father

Really good and new knowledge to learn

Abacus Genius is really very good and a new knowledge to learn and helps in doing calculations easily.
- Ayushi Das's Father


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