A whole brain development programme for normal children aged 4-12 years, it enhances lifetime skills such as concentration, creativity, listening and photographic memory, to name a few. It enables children to discover and bring out their hidden potential.

In the Initial stages of the programme, the ancient wonder tool called the “Abacus” is used, it successfully removes the fear of arithmetic and gradually makes arithmetic fun to learn.

It is not a parallel system to school curriculum in India but complements it.

Who can Join

  • All normal children in age group of 4-14 years
  • All children who can count numbers from 0-100
  • Children with plentiful imagination
  • Children who fear mathematics
  • Children who lack self-confidence
  • Children who would like to improve, academically

Course Structure

The course is of 1 year 3 months (15 months) duration, which is divided into 5 terms of 3 months each. During each term the student is made to comprehend the syllabus, understand the concept, practice, become proficient and achieve a stage of being able to perform autonomously.

Each and every term culminates with a term test – to test the proficiency of the student for the term – not just knowledge but understanding. In Abacus Genius, a student attains proficiently when he does accurate sums and within a given time frame – Speed and Accuracy.

5 Terms x 3 months 15 months for the full programme of whole brain development

Each Term 12 classes of 2 hours duration each week. The 12 classes get covered in 3 months

The student will be exposed to learning and becoming proficient in step by step learning of basic arithmetic. Single digit limited numbers addition, single digit number addition of rows, double digit limited numbers to double digit of rows and so on and so forth. The learning goes on focusing on more complex sums of addition and subtraction; multiplication and division.

Each term enables the child to learn more complicated sums with conceptual variations. The programme culminates with the 5th term which certifies the child of having attained the stage of completing the programme fully. While 5 terms mean completion of the programme, every level has a definite learning and proficiency objective.

The focused objective – SPEED AND ACCURACY means that the student has great control over the learned concept and speed is a certifying statement for the proficiency attained by the student.

The speed attained by the student doing accurate sums takes the student to the higher realms of CONCENTRATION – a kind of meditative state, which makes the student to increase brain capabilities, enabling greater learning and overall efficiency of the brain.

Why Abacus Genius?

The importance of learning Abacus based Mental Arithmetic skills by young children aged 4-12 years is being realized by parents in general and teachers and other academic experts in particular. Abacus based training enables children to feel comfortable in learning numbers which are abstract. The number phobia is extricated. The positions represented by the rods are easily understood by the students, due to the learning of the concept through concretized objects the beads of Abacus.

With the rules and formulae for computation, the student with practice, can perform very fast and accurate arithmetic functions. Abacus is a manual calculator which enables faster and more accurate calculations compared to the electronic calculator.

The great advantage in Abacus based arithmetic calculations is that the student after a few months (one level), internalizes the abacus, i.e. using the mental abacus with the same accuracy levels achieved in calculations. The student will not feel the need to have a physical abacus – by then the student would be able to visualize the abacus – the rods and beads very well.

Computation using manipulation of the mental image of an abacus results in very high speed in calculation with good accuracy. The student practicing mental arithmetic using the image of an abacus develops extremely high levels of concentration and their practice in answering to oral sums results in fine quality listening. The student gets an advantage in performance, in not only maths but all other subjects as well.

Abacus Genius programme has been very carefully designed for stress-free learning.  The progress in learning is smooth. The sums give the student an opportunity to use all the formulae. It is not only challenging but enables good learning at a smooth pace.