The Abacus Mental Arithmetic trains students in a very unique way in developing their intellectual. It is able to improve the calculation ability of a student in a very short period and enhance the interest, feeling, motive, personality and determination of the student.


  • Less stress on the parents.
  • The love and  the ability  to learn are being nurtured in the early years.
  • Early inputs helps in making the child self sufficient and responsible.
  • Once the speed and mental skills are achieved the children can take part in competitions in the world wide.
  • Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching method will effectively activate your children’s latent mental power.
  • This programme helps children in their whole brain development and acquiring lifetime skills.
  • This programme is not parallel to school curriculum – meaning – subjects taught at the educational institutions are not taught at our center.
  • Spaced learning is advocated for enhanced memory and longer retention
  • The acquired skills help children to be proficient in all subjects and the proficiency in Arithmetic boosts the morale of the children.
  • The learning is fun filled and hence natural interest is generated and hence children volunteer themselves to this programme.
  • The hidden potential of the ‘brain power’ is discovered by the children themselves.
  • Children’s “imaging skill” progressively gets enhanced resulting in effectiveness and improved self-confidence.
  • The learning is visible and highly transparent.
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